Cleanse: Day 2

Alright, alright I forgot to write yesterday! But, in my own defense, in my precious 2 hours of writing time I had between 6-8 at the main shop during work my detox headache symptoms had come on quite strong just before, and I spent the remaining 2 hours at work chugging about 2 liters of water and researching detox related symptoms, particularly headaches. They were intense, let me say that much! My brain was really cloudy and I was even having a bit of a hard time getting my eyes to focus on the screen. Now, normally I would think a migraine was coming on, but this was a different feeling then the auras I typically get before my migraines. I just felt, well, BLAH. Needless to say right before work ended I managed to get my headache to disappear with about 16 oz of coconut water and 2 liters of water. 

From my research last night, headaches are common the first few days as your body is trying to get rid of the built up toxins at such a high rate that it can cause dizziness and headaches OR migraines. I had gotten a bit of a headache for a few hours in the middle of the day on day one, but nothing like last night’s. Headaches can also be attributed to the fact that one is dehydrated. There’s a lot going on in the body during a detox and keeping yourself hydrated is the most important thing. I kept thinking, “I know, I know, I drink plenty of water!” but although that may be true compared to most people, my body was still screaming for more! Now, in between my 2 hour juice breaks, I drink about 21 oz of water just to er on the side of caution.

Otherwise, my hunger has subsided although I still keep day dreaming about chewing on anything. Even hamburgers, which I never crave! I think the mind is a silly thing when it knows you cannot have something! On top of all that, I had 2 different dreams last night where I cheated- the first dream, I had a salad then felt really bad afterwards! The second, I opened the fridge and found 2 pieces of fried chicken, which I ate without thinking than went back to my cleanse. Jeez, at least I can still cheat in my dreams! But in reality I have not cheated and I won’t! I plan on sticking this out and turning myself back to the 70% raw diet I was on 6 months ago. 

Only 1 hour until my next juice! Pineapple, Orange Banana. YUM. Although I have to say, the green juices are my favorite. Most people don’t like the taste of green smoothies or green juices but my body craves them! And the greens are the most important ones for your body. Too much fruit can give you a sugar high. Although it’s a natural sugar high it still isn’t good. The general idea is 80% greens and 20% fruit just to taste, simply because some people can’t drink a green drink without plugging the nose. But if you’re looking to add more greens to your diet, start your day with a green smoothie using the above ratio I described then go about the rest of your day eating your normal meals. See how you feel! I challenge ya 🙂


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