I am a 34 year old traveling scuba diving instructor and all around ocean enthusiast. I spent 8 years abroad until Covid brought me back to the US and into my van full time 2 years ago. I’ve been traveling about and working in the skydiving industry since- my other love. I also work for an online health and wellness company called The Soul Project. I decided to start a blog about 15 years ago to allow friends and family to keep up with me as well as for my own soul, finding strength in the words. You can keep up with my adventures here. I am an everything water lover, skydiver, yachtie, sober badass, hula hooper, bookworm, tea obsessed wanderer.

My travel bug first bit when I planned a solo backpacking trip around Australia at the age of 12. I have yet to complete that trip but have some plans in the works. I spent 4 years in Thailand and then 2 years in Playa del Carmen, Mexico working as a dive instructor. I then spent almost 2 months living and working on a sailing catamaran in the Caribbean. I then moved to Indonesia for 1.5 years, then traveled New Zealand for a few months before returning to the States and then Mexico when Covid hit.

I love everything about the water and anything travel related; I often write from the heart in more of a journal entry format. Writing has always been my outlet but as every writer knows, sometimes words flow more easily than other times. So here it all is, raw and uncensored, sometimes emotional rants and raves about all things, people and places in my life. I hope everyone can find something in my words that they relate to.

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    • laurynliz says:

      Hey Cris, Thank you so much! I’m enjoying it so far! Just found a house and trying to get the wifi and all that sorted and then the job hunt begins but I’ve already been in touch with a few shops so I’m excited about my options. It would definitely be fun to meet some locals. I will be in touch! x


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