Where am I now?

I’m still rambling these days, but I’m doing less mermaid things. Covid brought me back to the US and into my van, where I’ve been living from the road for almost 2 years now. I’ve found myself in the skydiving industry, following other passions and enjoying where the road leads me (literally). I’ve found a simplicity in vanlife that echos the things I love about movement and travel while giving me a space to write, explore, love, heal, grief, and birth what I want to create in this world. Right now, I’m finding what my life looks like when my identity isn’t wrapped up in diving. I’m finding who I am outside of what I’ve structured my life to be for the past decade. Right now, I’m trying to balance all the joys in my life and find out what that looks like for me and my future. Thanks for being here.


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