Cleanse: Day 1

Since it’s low season now and things have slowed down I’ve decided to get back into some good habits while I have the time. I’ve been doing more yoga in the mornings and getting a good cardio in a few days a week. On top of that I learned about a company in Phuket called Clearer Cleanse, a convenient juice cleanse (you choose the number of days- 3, 7, 10) where the “juice man” brings you a cooler full of 6 different juices numbered 1-6 to your doorstep every morning. Can it get much easier than that? Now all the juices are 100% raw and organic fruits and veggies. I got my first delivery to my work this morning and have successfully drank 3 of the 6 juices so far today. Lots of water, no booze and 1 week of cleansing should have me feeling tip-top again!

I did a few days of “pre cleansing” which means I cut out meat, artificial sweeteners, caffeine and alcohol to make sure my body was ready. Now I know there’s lots of debate on whether or not cleansing is healthy for you, but from my experience eating healthy and consuming mostly a raw diet along with foods that are more alkaline than acidic won’t ever steer you wrong. But regardless, every body needs a “reboot” once in awhile. So over the next week I will write every day to let you know how I’m feeling, what my symptoms are and what I think. Let’s begin the fun:

At this time (5 pm) I’m starting to feel the effects of the detox, my stomach is rumbling a bit, not from hunger but more like it’s trying to work some things out, and I have a bit of a headache and don’t feel very clear headed. I felt great this morning after the first couple juices, but I think my body has retorted to, “wait Lauryn, where is the food? we put up with this for the first half of the day but we haven’t been doing much work today! what’s going on?!” From previously cleanses I’ve done it took the first 2 days until I started to feel amazing. But those cleanses I did on my own, so I’m anxious to see what the difference will be between this one and mine. Now I wish I had a scale so I could tell you my total weight loss, but I don’t. So I’ll just report on what I’ve noticed myself. 

Wish me luck! And happy cleansing! <<<check this site out!


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