flickr account!

i started a flickr account, which apparently is a website you can just post photos onto for people to see. apparently you can only download so many a month and i already met my quoto! so here’s the old photos for now! stay tuned for photos from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and more diving pics! xxxx

flickr account!


to market to market.

since i got back from Malaysia, i’ve been trying to get things in line for my work permit and doing a detox at the same time. i have another meeting with my lawyer tomorrow morning at 11 in Phuket Town, which means i’m going to have to leave reallyyyyyy early because i always get lost around there. the roads make absolutely no sense! you should have seen me trying to find the immigration office a month ago. but yea- i’m excited about starting to work. this whole process has been much more effort than i thought. it’s not hard it’s just a lot of documents and varied information. 

i’ve learned that nothing is direct and to the point in Thailand. even in the language. they have tons of laws, but most of them aren’t enforced. or you hear different things because when regulations change, no one knows so most of the time you’re not getting the most up-to-date information. aw well, i think this should be mostly sorted in the next 2 weeks.

my neck has been giving me a lot of pain the past week. worse than from my motorbike accident, which is strange, because you’d think if i was going to have problems they would have come up sooner. i had an adjustment this morning by Dr. Cracknall (ironically enough) the chiropractor in Rawai. the man could tell which side of the bike i fell off by the pain in one of my arms, that i hadn’t noticed until he pressed there. and all the cracks he did didn’t hurt at all, they were relieving. there is barely any pain anymore compared to before, but i’m going back again on Wednesday to get it done once more. for $45 an adjustment you really can’t go wrong. could be better, could be worse i guess. 

i think between the adjustment, neck pain and detox- what my body really needs is some TLC. on day 4 of my raw food/smoothie/juice detox. no cigarettes, no booze, nothing to drink except water/tea/juice. i’ve been making my own smoothies and juices and actually am starting to feel amazingly better! i came to thinking about whether or not i’ve been taking care of my own temple lately, and i hadn’t. between the accident, carrying tanks around all day, more heavy lifting because of all the gear and transporting it onto the truck, then off and onto the pier, then onto the boat.  guess my body isn’t used to that either. since i’ve been here i’ve been about 70-80% raw, but allowing myself to only drink/eat 100% raw is a drastic difference. i can’t wait to see what the end of the week will bring! not to mention, these smoothies are delicious! and the market on Mondays and Thursdays is so cheap for produce! oh look, today is Thursday… i better be off to the market! 

have a great day everyone 🙂

before i left for thailand i was eating a 50% raw food diet. since being here i am around 80% raw food daily and have cut out gluten almost completely. i would get rid of it entirely but gluten is actually very addictive. you can get withdrawls from it that are the equivalent of strong narcotics. scary huh? so i eat a little bit every couple weeks, just so my body doesn’t freak out. if you stop eating gluten completely, even a tiny bit can throw your body into an outrage. 

hippocrates said, “let food be your medicine and medicine your food”. if you think about the preservatives you put inside your body on a daily basis and what that could do to your system it’s enough to scare you into eating healthy. if you REALLY think about it. now we are living beings who need LIVING food. food that has nutritional value not just empty calories, food that doesn’t leave us feeling tired or drowsy. we need alkaline foods! 

now, being an almost raw foodie in Thailand is quite the challenge. but to be honest, i love preparing my meals! and i’ve been getting so much more out of my food in all different ways now. i feel better, have higher energy levels, and without the gluten added to it all i feel fantastic. if you haven’t tried it, think about it for a week. change your relationship with food.