2013 year of the goddess.

the year of the dragon has brought many things to me in the past 8 months. as a dragon myself, 1988 and currently anyone born in 2012 this year has been a big one. it’s been a year of ascension, of growth and setbacks, or trial and error, of understanding and acknowledgement. thus saying, it’s been quite the year. the mayan calendar ending, and no matter who you are, or what your opinions are on the topic, we have all felt the changes- the shift, if you will. a shift in consciousness, a shift from ego to collective understanding. maybe you feel, for the first time in your life, the realization that life as we know it is shifting, that we are more intuitively guided than we may think, and that our connectedness is bringing us closer to common paradigm. as scientists would call it- the paradigm shift. 

and this paradigm we have held on to for so long the past few generations, whether it’s technology, ways of life, family structures… it’s all been a trip. and here we are, for the first time, realizing that there’s something bigger than ourselves out there. you can call it God, Buddha, Krishna, Jehovah, or simply the “All Knowing”, “higher power”… we’ve come to a point where it seems silly to assume there’s nothing greather than us out there, maybe even selfish to think we’re the only ones. but regardless, we are here… indigo children, children of light, who are here because at some point in our past we have chosen to be here, to send our energy and love into the world… and we made that choice, long before, conscious or not. 

so here we are… what does that mean for us? well for one- it means we are HERE, PRESENT, ALIVE. and gratitude doesn’t do things justice. we are here because we have something to teach, because we have learned before. look into your intuitive selves and THANK YOURSELF FOR COMING BACK, TIME AND TIME AGAIN. because the world needs you now! 

now, we all want a purpose, hence why we reach for christ or whoever it is that we feel is our “higher power”. but at the end of the day, we have everything we need within us. our higher power is what brings us back here present day. so thank yourself for that. thank yourself for being here AGAIN. 

i think, no matter how far you roam, where you call home, or who you call family, the UNIT you embrace is here because you need their support- love them and most importantly, listen to them. really listen. 

we all have a way of sharing what we feel relates to what another is telling, stop yourself. make THIS year, a listening year. try to get to know the world around you and feel it, really FEEL it. 

i have learned a lot in 8 months… in my whole life. and every moment you’ve had leads you up to this year. this is the SHIFT, in consciousness, perspective, the whole god damn yard line… LISTEN. nothing will serve you more this year. YOU are INATELY guided! trust your intuition. 

if i’ve learned anything from traveling, it’s the ability to remain uncomfortable, and to find beauty in that discomfort. if you ever find yourself comfortable make a point to put yourself outside your bubble. 

i had a teacher in advanced Queer Theory, junior year of college. she must have been 70, and the first day of class as she walked in a circle passing out our syllabus she wore boots that resembled boats on the bottom- uneven for walking, uncomfortable if you will. finally a grad student asked her, “naomi, what’s with the shoes?” to which she replied… “life is all about remaining uncomfortable, if you find yourself in that situation ask why and what makes you feel that way and if you ever feel tooo comfortable demand that you get out of you’re own bubble and out of your own way”. 

i will never forget that, and have always challenged myself to be uncomfortable. the minute you feel too comfortable- hold yourself tight, take a deep breathe, imagine your in a bubble and put your finger in your lips, reach in front of you, and pop that bubble! we all owe it to ourselves to ask these questions. 

this is MY year, and i plan on making it as uncomfortable as i can! (in a good way of course :)) 

be honest. be courageous. be ruthless. be selfish. it’s YOUR year. 

thank you for listening,

xxxx lauryn