decisions decisions

It’s been a difficult month. I started a new job, that I love. A new job with great instructors, a great company and great people behind it. Quite the opposite structure of where I was working before, with higher expectations. But that’s what I need right now, is a legit company I can get great backing from and great references from in the future. 

One of my friends committed suicide. My grandpa hasn’t been doing very well and is causing a havoc within the family. My migraines came back after months of being stagnant. And I’ve been sick a few times since I’ve been back from Vietnam, high fever and ear infections. And the worst part… my house has been broken into 4 times in the past 2 weeks.

Although I love my new place, it started 2 weeks after I moved in. The first time my whole wallet went missing, containing credit cards, drivers licenses and 15,000 baht. At first I thought I was crazy and had somehow misplaced it but then that didn’t make sense as the last place I used it the night before was at 7-11. Then, the second time they came in and the next morning I was missing about 2,000 baht. But this time they didn’t take the wallet, just the money. Third time, same thing, only the money but 10,000 baht. All together totaling almost 1,000 USD. I had a break down and realized someone had been coming in while I was sleeping (which is a really uncomfortable feeling). 

I left for Malaysia for 5 days and came back to find the backdoor slightly open yesterday. I had put a chair in front of it too, but it’s too small to stay that hard against the door. Then last night I set a trap by leaving about 300 baht in my open purse blatantly on the couch. Then I hid the rest of my money in my wallet behind my toiletry bag. I woke up this morning and it was all gone, even the wallet. All that was left was my Malaysian currency…

This morning they came to change the locks, and informed me that the backdoor actually doesn’t lock (even though it appears to) and that the front door has a bunch of dents in the doorknob because someone has been working on it while I’m aways so they can easily pop it open with a screwdriver or butterknife. Needless to say, I now have crazy padlocks and all around new locks (totally wayyyy too many keys). Next is my windows, which don’t have locks and are taped on essentially…

So, lots of things going on in my life. And I’ve been too busy to proper deal with most of it. Now, my next major decision… do I commit to my job now for the next year with only 2 weeks off a year and then move on? Or, am I almost ready to get out of Thailand and see if maybe 6 months is more realistic? I can’t go see my family and go on the safari with them… I kinda gotta choose 1? But maybe I need to commit and build great references for a year so that I can make more decisions in the future.

Ah life decisions. At least I’m in control of something. Even if making decisions seems to be all as of late. 


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