In the past year I have become really interested in crystals. I have learned a little bit about meditating with them and began to exchange stories with different people who have taught me a lot about how to use and understand them. I came across a piece of Moldavite a few years back and it gave me this really weird feeling. Everytime I held it I felt like I wasn’t in my own body. It was uncomfortable. I couldn’t really have it around me, and tried to sleep with it under my pillow but it gave me crazy dreams. I eventually passed it on to someone else because I didn’t feel I could handle the energy. Now, I used to look at “crystal people” and think they were nuts! I just didn’t think they could hold any significance, nor did I understand how someone could pay so much for a “rock”. Slowly but surely, I’ve began to appreciate and feel their power. 

Crystals, unlike rocks, vibrate at certain frequencies. They are made of energy, just as we are. I think that’s why we can connect with them and take some of the energy onto ourselves. Moldavite formed when a meteor crashed into the Earth some 15 billion years ago. On impact it melted the Earth’s surface combining it’s own matter and part of the Earth. The impact was so strong that parts of the newly formed crystal got sucked back into the atmosphere and rained down in the form of Moldavite. It is the only crystal on this Earth that is a combination of space and our planet. I think it’s energy is really different because of this. Moldavite is the most unique crystal I have ever come across. I recently bought myself another piece, wanting to give it another try. When I hold it in my hand I start shaking and my heart beats really fast. Multiple people have experienced the same thing. It’s one of the most unique and crazy things I’ve ever felt. 


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