Love her anyways.

She captivates you. She fills you up and she frustrates you. How does she do that? How is something so beautiful so infuriating simultaneously? How can she be both at the same time? It’s too intense sometimes, the range of emotions. Her touch lingers on your skin long after she removes her fingers from your thigh. And those eyes! Those eyes that say so much pain still exists in the world, but that shine with a brightness that knows how to heal it.

It’d be easy to walk away, wouldn’t it? Maybe it’d be easier, sure. But you can’t walk away because when we see car accidents, we want to look away but we don’t. We gawk because tragic things are still beautiful and we know there is beauty in the breaking. It makes us feel something. And she makes you feel alive in those moments doesn’t she? More than anyone you’ve ever met in your life. We all shatter because the human experience also needs triumph. And growth. It inspires us.

She’s a phoenix the way she transforms and radiates, from ash to rebirth. Tip toeing through life with bare feet. People like her carry an energy that is full circle and in your face so it’d be easier to walk away because then you could continue on loving the same types of people. Loving the same tragedies without triumph. You wouldn’t have to do the work.

And that’s why we run from these people. Because they make us see parts of ourselves we aren’t willing to deal with yet. They put our ego on blast while they love us in a way that hurts more than anything but loving them will be a radical transformation. Loving her will be the catalyst for your phoenix.

Because love isn’t all rainbows and kittens. Love is messy and confusing. Especially that type of love. Your twin flame is your mirror. Love her because of the way she dreams in black and white but lives in color. The way she is tea some mornings and cheap wine the next. She is unforgettable because you’re not supposed to forget her.



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