My Travel Must Haves

Kindle: I know I rant and rave about my Kindle all of the time but it really is the best travel companion for a bookworm like me who would legitimately try to bring all of my books with me if it wasn’t for modern technology. It’s also super convenient when someone at your hostel mentions a great read and instead of trying to remember the name of the book, you simply log into a wifi connection and it’s downloaded and ready to read within minutes.

Face wipes: Sometimes all it takes to feel fresh on long hall flights or bus rides is a good hand washing and a refreshing face wash. If that isn’t possible you can always substitute hand sanitizer and face wipes. Not to mention planes can be a haven for sickness so get a leg up. Being sick while traveling, alone and far from home is miserable. Trust me.

Kleenex tissue: I can’t tell you how often this has saved me. Long bus rides in foreign countries where there often isn’t toilet paper in most public restrooms. This may be manageable as a male, but as a women it makes you feel less than clean. I’ve also used it to put up to my nose when traveling through stinky areas of big cities.

Menstrual cup: I have used diva cup and now Luna cup, both are great products and similar. You can take this online quiz to see which is right for you here. Many countries don’t have tampons, especially in remote areas. The cup literally changed my life and the way I look at my periods, I recommend it to all of my friends. It’s comfortable, convenient and doesn’t produce waste. No more carrying around bulky pads or tampons, not having one when I need one, or hunting them down in various countries.

My journal: In case you hadn’t already figured this out, I love to write. My journal is full of restaurant or market recommendations from fellow travelers, addresses, language translations, recipes, travel tips, random rants, quotes and poems I like and things that inspire me. I keep it in my shoulder bag so I’m always ready to write something down.

Headlamp: From packing last minute things as quietly as possible early morning in the hostel to reading on a train, a headlamp has helped me dig for things more than once. I have gotten many impressed looks from strangers when they need a light and I randomly whip it out of my bag. A bit nerdy but you will be surprised how often it comes in handy.


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