DAY 10

Well I’ve made it a week and a half and since my last post have made tons of progress! I went back to Tria in Bloomington with my mom yesterday and had my 9 day post up check up. I went to physical therapy there so they could see the progress I’ve made with my PT, Trevor back home, and they were so astounded it made me excited! They couldn’t believe how well I could bend my knee, I’m now at 118 degrees which apparently for 9 days in is insane. As of last night I walked a tiny bit without the help of my brace or my crutches, and I can now fire my quads and do a baby leg lift all on my own! I cannot tell you how excited I was when I left my appointment! Cloud 9, ya’ll! Heaps and heaps of improvement on the daily. 

After my PT check in, I went to the clinic and had an x-ray done to insure my screws haven’t moved around, or as my dad says, “making sure you don’t have any screws loose”, pun definitely intended. I don’t, whew. Then I got my stitches/sutures taken out which was also exciting. I’ve developed a few blood postules on my knee but it’s only a couple so no worries. Everyone I know that’s had ACL surgery has some pretty noticeable scars, I’m kinda thinking mine are healing beautifully and they may not be too obvious. 

I’m still having some problems sleeping. In the past few days I cannot seem to get comfortable at night and it’s because I’ve stopped taking the pain pills. But I can’t seem to get through the night without one yet so I take them just to sleep. My doctor gave me a new prescription for more so I can continue sleeping without an ansy leg that keeps me wanting to twist and turn all night. And trust me, at this stage, sleeping good is such a god sent. I’m so sick of sleeping on my damn back which has caused some back problems encouraging me to move around a lot more, which isn’t a bad thing. Lots of ice on the knee constantly and extreme elevation for 20 minutes a few times a day. 

My aunts are coming to visit for the weekend which will be fun. Otherwise I have no other news to report! I’m gonna stick my head back into my book. 



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