and we’re back at the beginning!

I finally felt as though I could write today. My head is a bit cloudy with the meds and even reading a book has been hard on my eyes so I thought I’d wait until I was feeling a bit better to try to put a cohesive blog together.

So the surgery went very well! I was so excited to hear that news! It took under 2 hours and I was out of there in no time, making it safely back to the hotel room until the spinal block wore off. That evening after sleeping all day Caitlin, Tera, Marty and Athena all came over to visit at the hotel. It was really nice to finally meet Athena and see some company but after about an hour my eyes were getting so heavy and I was beginning to feel exhausted again, so after they left I fell right asleep. Unfortunately, that evening at about 2 am I woke up in really intense pain, I was sobbing like a toddler. The amount of pain I was in at the time literally left me gasping for breath or forgetting to breathe all together. The spinal block had officially worn off and I had to wait 2 more hours until I could take more meds, so I essentially drifted in and out until 4 am and then promptly took my pills the minute I could. After that, instant relief! 

The day after surgery I had my first dressing change and PT appointment. I did these at Tria but from now on will be doing all my PT with Select Therapy up north 3 times a week. He had me doing leg lifts, assisted of course, because I cannot yet lift on my own. I also have to do leg slides with a towel, which hurts a bit but feels good in the end, and I can already walk a little bit on it. They encourage you to get up and get walking as soon as you can with torn ACLs, so with the help of my beautiful zebra crutches, I’m walking! Dad found me some decorative zebra padding to put on my crutches, pretty snazzy! Tomorrow I have my first PT appointment up north here and I’m really excited to meet the team that will be helping me for the next 6 months. It’s pretty exciting.

Right before being given the anesthesia, my nurses and doctors were awesome and kept me smiling! 

Immediately after being woken up post surgery and being reunited with my parents! The spinal block was in full effect and I was feeling pretty happy 🙂

24 hours after surgery during my first physical therapy appointment! Getting a super intense cold/compression around my knee for 20 minutes. 


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