I made it back to Minnesota! Although it was a snowstorm when I flew in, and you heard about my flight delays and probably saw my personal record for facebook posts that day, I am happy to report that I’m 24 hours into being up north in Crosslake, MN at my parents house. 

It’s been an adjustment this past week. I am so shocked and overwhelmed by my surroundings that all I can say to people is, “hi!”. It’s nice to finally get back up north and give myself some time to slow down and process being here and what I’m about to go through in the next few months. 

This morning I took a bath for the first time in almost 2 years. It felt amazing and I was so looking forward to it, as we don’t have baths in Asia. All my crystals have been placed all over my room and I managed to make it to the Enchanted Rock Garden’s annual sale when I got back into the cities and I went crystal crazyyyy! So I got lots of new gems and energy surrounding me for the next part of this journey. On Friday night I went to a friend’s birthday party and had a chakra cleansing with an amazingly talented channeler named, Nadine. She was so spot on and said lots of things I needed to hear. Because of her I will spend some time focusing on the gifts that my angels and other light beings have pushed in my directions. 

I have a week until my next appointment with my doctor. Unfortunately jet lag hit me real bad a few days into being back and I had to cancel and reschedule my appointment with the surgeon for the following week. But the positive side of that is I can now focus on getting my license renewed and applying for a new passport while I am still mobile. 

Will keep you all updated. Thank you THANK YOU for all the encouragement. I’m feeling all the energy from various corners of the world. Blessed. xxx


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