Detox: Last day and post detox!

So I finished off day 7 of my juice detox strong as ever! My appetite was down and I was feeling fabulous. I couldn’t wait to go home and get to sleep so I could wake up and eat food again! Yesterday I was on the boat so I brought my Gazpacho soup in a thermos and put it in the ice chest for lunch. For breakfast I had a banana and that went down well. I had a snack of watermelon and pineapple on the way back then for dinner I ordered glass noodles with vegetables. My stomach was a rockstar!

Tonight I am taking my divemaster candidate out for dinner to the Wine Connection. I missed going there last week on her birthday because of my detox so we’re going out tonight to “recelebrate”. Their salad’s are delicious and I cannot wait!

Well folks, there’s all my detoxing updates. I just ate some potato salad from my friend Ben of Ben’s Deli here in Kata Beach and although it was really delicious I don’t think my stomach knows what to do with the mayo. I am now googling vegan potato salad recipes… 🙂


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