Cleanse: Day 6

So I’ve come to the end of day 6 at last! Only another 36 hours and two sleeps until I wake up and get to eat some solid food again! Ooooo how I’ve missed utensils! I had another dream last night about cheating and ironically enough I cheated with fried chicken… again! What is it with me and fried chicken? I don’t even crave or really like fried chicken. Ah well the subconscious mind is a crazy thing! 

So day 6 has come to a close and I felt great all day. No real cravings, no headaches, no lightheaded-ness, just really starting to crave my next real meal. Now I know I can’t jump straight into a big meal because my stomach has shrunk and I don’t want to send my digestive system into a complete outrage, so I’m going completely raw/vegan for the first 3 days and then will decide if I want to go back to the occasional piece of meat or dairy. But I’m kinda leaning towards no… we’ll see how that goes. Cheese is my weakness! And salmon, I love salmon.

So tonight I spent an hour making this raw vegan gluten free gazpacho soup recipe (which gazpacho soup mostly is anyways) but I made the healthiest version I could find. I figured soup is pretty much like juice, so this should work out great! It looks delicious and I cannot wait to try it! Since gazpacho soup is like Spanish wine and gets better with time, 36 hours from now it should taste aMaZiNg. Here’s the recipe if you wanna try it out:


Only one more day… I got this! 

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