Cleanse: Day 4 & 5

Sorry I haven’t written the past 48 hours but I’ve been a wee bit distracted! Yesterday I had my 15 year old girl on the boat doing a Discover Scuba Dive. She had fun but I pretty much had to drag her around underwater because she refused to use her fins which was a lot of work for me! I hate having to remind people that I am not an underwater taxi.

I brought the juices I needed with me on the boat and stuck them in the cooler right away. It was really wavy on the way out but I normally don’t have a problem with that. The first hour was fine until I decided to drink my second juice of the day… the orange and pineapple. Well… bad idea. I think the acidity hit my stomach since there wasn’t any “solid” food in it and all of a sudden I went running to the restroom where I had to throw up just a little bit. This was kinda upsetting because I only get so much food but I kept the rest in and then it passed and I was fine! Whew! Close call. After that the rest of the day was great. My headaches came on again last night and I was feeling exhausted. After I finished work at 8 I went home and was asleep by 9. Although I had a day off I’m used to getting up around 9 for work so I happened to wake up at 8:45 this morning and realized that 12 hours was more than enough sleep! I guess I really needed it. 

Today I had a relaxing day of a massage and body scrub to aid in the detox. It felt amazing! I have never had a body scrub before and it was sooooo wonderful. I recommend it! Then my boss, Chantal took me to the Hilton to relax. She has a membership and the Hilton has 6 pools and the whole works- multiple restaurants, golf course, waterfalls and slides, tennis courts, and a spa. It’s huge! Just walking around it was a great exercise. We did lots of swimming and laid around reading books for a few hours. 

Today I felt even less hungry and had only one juice until 2 o’clock. It’s getting so much easier but I can’t wait to taste something different in the next couple days. Gotta be honest, the juices are great but I miss using a fork! Or chopsticks… same same.

Anyways, not the most exciting update today but I am relaxing again and felt unmotivated to fill you in today! XXXX

2 days left 🙂

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