fuck it.

funny when you look at such a pivotal time. as we like to call it. the political fights i’ve seen between friends, and the way in which my opinion has been swayed by people i considered full of light. but who am i kidding, it’s all a monkey game. i didn’t vote for either puppet anyways. but as my dad said, “lauryn- there are 3 things you don’t talk about, sex, religion and politics”. and he’s right. but quite frankly, i divide byself by those things. but mostly, i mean light and love. not politics, not party lines, not boxes. i define myself by my intentions for people and my well-wishes, every day. what i give out to the universe, is what those people feel and it shapes them, pulls them. 

don’t forget your own power. we vibrate at a much higher frequency then most others. hold on to that. and bring other people up to our frequency. 

we have much, more power than we know. hold it close and listen to it every day. listen to the collective. breathe. this is what we owe the world. fuck an election.


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