…it was in the reddening of the sun one day. 
Early on I say,“CAN I DO IT.. ??" 
oh and yet, how the question burned, that in truth,
I was not even sure what IT was. so I drank a beer, 
smoked a bowl, and got that buzz that I know you know.. 

had a laugh, stole some tears… 
So much pleasure spiked with fears.

But deep inside myself, this voice, this feeling, desires for More… 
"CAN I DO IT.. ??" 
I asked myself again.. 
and now the adventure to find myself started to begin… 

burning like fire, my desire, I walked the earth and scaled some walls, 
took some beatings and some falls, 
won some battles made the best of friends,
I got prize before the search ends, 
can not do what’s already done, life is perfect and fun, 
and like a silly game of hide and seek, lifetimes or a week, we figure out "it’s already done. ” and it’s righteous to live life having fun, 
every broken piece of the world we see, has its place just like you and me, … 
Perception is a choice, your heart is the only voice,… 

Share and enjoy this life as its a beautiful basket of Cherries, 
allow ourselves to get lost in the woods following fairies,
and that night I said, “I DID IT, I LOVED MY DAY”… 
Right before I went to bed…. 

Cocoon aug 2012


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