before i left for thailand i was eating a 50% raw food diet. since being here i am around 80% raw food daily and have cut out gluten almost completely. i would get rid of it entirely but gluten is actually very addictive. you can get withdrawls from it that are the equivalent of strong narcotics. scary huh? so i eat a little bit every couple weeks, just so my body doesn’t freak out. if you stop eating gluten completely, even a tiny bit can throw your body into an outrage. 

hippocrates said, “let food be your medicine and medicine your food”. if you think about the preservatives you put inside your body on a daily basis and what that could do to your system it’s enough to scare you into eating healthy. if you REALLY think about it. now we are living beings who need LIVING food. food that has nutritional value not just empty calories, food that doesn’t leave us feeling tired or drowsy. we need alkaline foods! 

now, being an almost raw foodie in Thailand is quite the challenge. but to be honest, i love preparing my meals! and i’ve been getting so much more out of my food in all different ways now. i feel better, have higher energy levels, and without the gluten added to it all i feel fantastic. if you haven’t tried it, think about it for a week. change your relationship with food.

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