just another day at the office.

it’s surreal ya’ll. i can’t even tell you. leaving monday for my visa run to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. staying at the Reggae Mansion Hostel until Friday while i secure my work permit. when i get back i meet with my lawyer to get my own company going, then this girl will officially be in teaching status. bam! i can barely breathe. so many opportunities coming my way i can’t even decide. never had this happen in my life. i must be doing something right. 

here’s my life lately. welcome to my office… 🙂

my bliss.

here’s 2 of my open water students today on their first open water dive! good job divers, .5 current and you made it! 🙂

here’s me asking my students about the 5 point ascent as we’re doing our safety stop. 

and here’s my bliss. the end of the day, on the boat, with nothing but the horizon. where the ocean meets the sky…


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