new new new.

The past couple weeks have been different. It’s weird not having plans every day, I’ve been struggling with how to spend my time until I get my work permit. Signed up for a month of unlimited hot yoga, which has kept me busy and been making me feel great. I forgot how much I missed it. I’ve also been slowly getting my new place in order, little things like dishes, a broom, and cleaning supplies. Also enjoyed cooking meals for myself again, and having a fridge full of yummy snacks. Been trying to explore more areas in Phuket that I haven’t been to yet. Planning a trip to Sipadan, Malaysia in a few weeks to get my work permit figured out. I mind as well do some diving while I’m there too! Something to look forward to. Went to Burma a few days ago. About a 12 hour trip just to get another stamp for 15 more days on my visa. Mine ran out on the 6th of August so I had to leave the country. I took a bus to the border then took a boat down the river to Myanmar from Ranong, Thailand. They stamp you out, then into Myanmar, then back into Thailand. A silly process really but a cheap way to get an extension if need be. 

Unfortunately I got into my first motorbike accident yesterday around 6 pm. I was leaving my house to go meet up with some friends for dinner. The road I live on is pretty busy and has lots of sharp turns headed towards Chalong. As I came around the corner, I noticed a guy about to pull out but then saw us and slammed his breaks back on, then at the last minute he pulled out in front of me. I tried to swerve around him but my bike went out from under me and flew into the other lane. I smashed my head on the pavement (thank God for my really nice helmet!) which shattered the left side of my helmet. I walked away scratch free, but have a huge bruise under my hip on the left side of my thigh, a bruised rib, and whiplash that’s killing me. I could feel it all today when I woke up. It really shook me, but I’m very glad to be alright. As my Dad said, “10 dollar helmet, 10 dollar head”. I’m glad I bought myself a good one. And I’m about to go buy another one. I was finally starting to get confident on my motorbike too! At least it’s still drive-able. Just broke the mirror off and some body damage but at least it’s not my body. Just a reminder to be careful. I’m driving much slower now. They say if you make it 2 years in Phuket without a motorbike accident, you are probably in the clear. Well, I made it 2 months. Everyone I know here has had at least one. But fortunately, I don’t have the “Phuket tattoo” as they call it. 

Other than that, I’m just looking forward to the future and am excited to start working. Getting a little stir crazy now that I’m all settled in and can’t work yet. So while I have the time, I will relax and try to learn more about my surroundings. I can’t wait to see my family and show them everything I love about this place. 




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