find a city, some city, somewhere, and make it your own.

the past couple weeks have been a trip ya’ll. i worked so hard, and achieved something i’ve always wanted- PADI Scuba Dive Instructor, and it feels sureal. i’m on my way, and doing big things. i hope you all are too. because we deserve to live the way we want. 

a week ago, after completing my instructor, i went out to this hostel called Rick N’ Roll in Phuket, by my house. the owner, Rick, about a 40 year old show business guy from Vegas, and you can’t help but giggle at him. he loves thailand and moved here because he loved the life and has built something here, it doesn’t seem odd at all. in the past few weeks, i have gone back to Rick N’ Roll over and over, to meet the kids and hang out with fellow travelers and backpackers… people like me. although i am here to work and have a legit job, i can relate to these people. the nomadic life, no home, that’s me. and over and over again i find myself meeting inspiring AMAZING people. and feeling so blessed. and blissed. all over again.

last week i met 2 guys. Jesse from Holland (traveling for 6 weeks then back to school, 24) and Grekko from Mexico (been studying in Australia and Bali for over a year) and decided, “hey, i think i will go with you”, at about 11 pm the night before i left. and what a blessing it has been! 2 really really really good guys. Grekko looked at me today on the beach, floating in the water and said, “this is a good life” and “you brought something to this trip, without you it would not have been the same”. and i am so blessed to be a part of this cosmic overture. whatever it is. i feel like i’m floating. and i trust the universe to provide not necessarily what i want, but what i need. and to put in it the people that will teach me something, so that i can also teach them. 

2 “moon” parties down. days on the beach, where the sea anemones smile and the light twinkles. where the sun promises another day. and where i sit, and remember, how blessed i am. but trust me, there is no such thing as a direct route here. even getting to Koh Phangan was hard. 800 baht (22 USD), 20 hours total travel time. on a bus, in a pick up, back and forth, onto another bus, peeing in a hole with no toilet paper, to a restaurant, in a pick up, 3 hours where we get fed, then with a bunch of other travelers, to the pier, wait and drink, 8 hours overnight on a boat with rows of little areas you can sleep, then arriving and getting a tuk tuk to anywhere. wandering the beach, tired, exhausted, with backpacks, looking for a bungalow. just by feel, guessing. 

and honestly, the best thing i can experience. i feel as though i never know what will happen in one month, where i’ll be. but i’m confident i will be exactly where i should be. doing good things, teaching the world about something i love. what else could i ask for? 

thank you ALL, namaste.


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