monkey brain.

it’s sureal. almost strange. something i’ve been striving for my whole life. right in front of me. how ready am i? how prepared am i? i donno? i guess as prepared and ready as i should be. if i waited until i thought i was ready, i would never be ready. that’s it. so, here i am. and it all starts tomorrow. the boiling point. my time to exhale. 

most ppl around me are studying right now. but i figure, at this point, i either know it or i don’t. and all my years of college have taught me that what i don’t know at this point, isn’t gonna change. and i’ve given this my all. i’ve studied harder than i ever have in college. ever. i’ve filled my brain with anatomy, physics, pressue, density, biology, physiology, and every-other-friggen-Ology you could possibly think of.

so i guess it is my time to exhale. 

every night i have been mediating lately. sitting in silence. sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard. the buddhists call the busy brain, “the monkey brain” cuz it swings from here to there. that’s my brain now, “the monkey brain”, and i refuse to let it get me. i have been living my light and seeing myself accomplishing all the things i’m here for. that’s where my energy goes. to the positive. i’m not gonna spend my time saying, “i can’t” when i could say, “i can”. what’s better?

where are you putting your energy? your words? where is your inspiration? i dare you to genuinely ask yourself that.

because i bet you’ll stumble on your words.


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