smooth seas.

hey all,

i haven’t written much in the past 10 days. the IDC prep started last monday, then wednesday we started the actual Instructor Development Course (IDC) which ends on the 13th and the 14th and 15th is the IE (Instructor Exams), so there’s a lot to do and it’s been really stressful but, as we like to call it, “serious fun”. but hopefully, less than a week today (fingers crossed) i will be a certified PADI instructor! AH! 3 other candidates here with me, which is nice. we do everything together and go through all the homework. we are constantly studying and preparing for presentations in the confined water or open water. so far all of us are doing really well. Andy is our PADI Course Director and he is hilarious. hasn’t had anyone fail yet! he says we’re a relief after the last group <and they still passed> so clearly, we’re off to a good start. 

today we did our first Open Water Presentations and pretended to teach a class new skills. it’s fun because Andy assigns the “students” problems and we have to demonstrate the skill and catch what they do wrong to correct it. we’ve all been scoring well above what you need for these presentations during the IE (which is a 3.5/5). today i got my first 5! yahoo! Koi is from Bangkok and her and i might head to Bali for a 5 days and go diving for less than $500 dollars if we can swing this deal right. i need to get more dives in and Bali is… well, Bali. AND cheap. so we’re gonna see if we can possibly manifest something if i can afford it. 

things are great, i’m so excited. gonna start lookin for my own place in 2 weeks when i’m done. got a good lead on a bungalow right now. gotta check it out. miss you fam. 

hope you had a fabulous 4th and didn’t suffer any major burn injuries. 

love you. keep radiating.


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