it’s alll happening!

lots has been happening lately! got out on the boat a couple days ago again, 3 beautiful dives! yesterday watched Artin teach an Open Water Scuba class, and got to shadow and help a bit (still learning myself). 2 days under my belt on the boat as a Divemaster in training. SO MUCH FUN! really long days then lots of studying but WORTH IT! the Open Water students were 2 kids a few years younger than me, from Canada. we took them in the ocean today for the first time and they loved it. i remember my first time and how excited i was. Mikel said afterwards, “that was one of the coolest things i have ever done”! sooooo true! what a blessing to introduce people to something i’m so passionate about?

welcome to my classroom… jealous!?! 🙂

went and saw a transvestite cabaret called Simon Cabaret with an Indonesian/Dutch couple the other night. met a German/Thai couple too. they took me into Palong beach and we had dinner and went to some bars. so at least i’ve been out twice, but mostly just studying, and i can’t make it too long cuz i’m so exhausted! but boy is Thailand beautiful! goshhh, i can’t wait to see more of it! gonna rent a motorbike soon when i have a day to go find one, then i can get around easier! 

the tranny that made Ramon carry her off the stage, then made him pay for the picure after she jumped on his lap in the middle of the show. sooooooo fun!

ramon & beonka, from Indonesia.

tuk tuk ride back, while trying to eat! Lek & Henrik (can’t remember his name), amazing people 🙂

made friends with a mamma kitten and her 3 babies. they have stubby little tails and one of them is really adventurous. it follows me around and meows, the rest are shy. mamma is a good mamma. i started feeding them, now they love me. 

so many great things. been making some good connections and hopefully will be able to find some people to travel with before i find a job. eeeeee so much to do, but i can’t stop smiling! hope life is treating ya’ll beautifully, too. 


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