anddddd, we’re OFF to a good start…!

after being jet lagged, exhausted, starving, and sweaty. the driver drops me off after picking me up from the airport around 2 am. of course there’s a monsoon happening, he doesn’t help me carry any of my bags, and only says, “that way, room 12”. so i whip out the headlamp, grab my raincoat, and head off looking for my mystery room with no idea where i’m going and no one around. 

after a half an hour of being lost and followed by a meowing stray cat  (of course) i finally find room 12 and there’s no key in it. as there’s supposed to be. at that point i almost had a breakdown and started talking to myself. but i figured, “hey, it’s supposed to be an adventure right?” i grab my hammock and scope out a dry spot to hang it under. in front of my room there are some rafters so i jankily set it up and fasten my bug net over it. spraying it first with permepherone then putting bugspray all over myself. i hide my money and fasten the rest to myself. of course my phone doesn’t work here so there’s no getting around it. i settle in for the night, put my headphones in and sleep until morning. 

get up this morning around 6:30 and finally find a lady who speaks broken english and she gives me a key, tells me to go rest, and check in with her later. when i wake around 11, i put my clothes on and go to the check in spot. i happen to run into my dive instructor (who is kick ass) and he briefs me, shows me around, and explains how it works. then we take his motorcycle to go purchase a wetsuit and dive booties (the only 2 things i didn’t bring). now let me tell you that they drive on the opposite side of the road, super fast, and if you have a moped or motorcycle you weave in the middle lane. christ! but it was awesome! then he takes me to get food for my room. how helpful the thais are!

there is no AC, and as far as makeup, impossible. i have a fan and blankets are unnecessary. but this morning after doing the run around i decided to make my room personal. i got a toilet and shower but the shower is basically the entire bathroom. i managed to turn it on and spray everything all over the floor. but i was so tired and sweaty i didn’t even care. first dive early tmrw morning. can’t wait! working on my divelog now so i’m up to date. 

here’s to adventures!


my main room. 

crystal table!

entry way. table to the left. 

happy lauryn. love ya’ll ❤


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