thoughts from the plane- Seoul, South Korea.

sometimes ya never know what you’re gonna get. and sometimes stressing about it and trying to find the answer before the actual experience doesn’t get ya anywhere. last night dad asked me if i was ready. to which i replied, “if i waited until i was ready, i’d never go anywhere." 

there isn’t much we can do to prepare ourselves for new experiences, except be open to whatever comes our way. without bogging ourselves down with expectations and assumptions. because as much as we’d like the comfort of knowing what’s to come, with traveling, that rarely happens. and we’re only setting ourselves up for disappointment if we assume too much. it’s hard to be ready when you have no idea what to be ready for. all we can do is use the information available to us, to make the best possible decision in that moment. 

so here’s to moments! sometimes i think we’re so caught up in the present that we forget how to appreciate what’s right in front of us.

and right now, the world is all ahead of me. but a step at a time, as to remain mindful. this moment is "en route” to Seoul, South Korea with clouds as far as the eye can see, Zach Deputy in my ears, and my moldavite crystal charging on the window ledge under the sun during the Venus transit.

(what’s better?)  🙂

with all the anxiousness the past couple months, heartbreak, moments of doubt and hard goodbye’s… right now all i can do is look ahead. as i should. and i feel completely at peace. and so very excited about what’s in store. i KNOW now that i’m in the right place. manifesting dreams. MY dreams.

-dear Lizzi, i wrote that in the journal you gave me. first entry ever. thanks again lovebug. 


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