long hello’s and short goodbye’s.

My dad always used to say, “long hello’s and short goodbye’s”. He’s right. It’s never goodbye, it’s see ya later. At least to the people we hold close to us. I had to say my first goodbye to my best friend, Marti, 2 nights ago. It was hard but I know it’s not the end. He is moving to Portland tomorrow with my brother, Max. Which is a relief, i’m glad they are in this together. They are taking my cat, Yoko with them. I brought her up north yesterday to spend some time with my parents and give Max a good send off. I know she senses something, and it’s also gonna be hard to say goodbye to her. I’ve had her for 5 years and she trusts me more than anyone. Marti used to live with me though and she’s familiar with Max. If she has to be anywhere but with me, it should be with them. Aw, i’m being such a parent! (don’t worry mom & dad, only a kitten parent!)

Well, I guess now that the goodbye’s are starting it’s kicking in a bit more. I bet I’ll have a complete melt down on the plane. But until then, I promised myself I would be strong. After all, I chose this. But damn am I going to miss all the beautiful people in my life! ❤

Here’s to goodbye’s and the feeling we’ll have when we get to say hello again!

Cheers & bon voyage,



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